Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday Morning.

There are few things I find cuter than babies in sinks. Here is Daddy trying to get the glitter out of Simeon's hair. Why does Simeon have glitter in his hair...because he has a crafty mother, and an older brother who found the glitter while said crafty mother accidently fell asleep while nursing the baby. Glitter has taken over our home.  When the light shines into the living room, it sparkles... and not because its clean.

Justin and I got one last calling (unless of course Justin finds a job in the city and we find a two bedroom apartment that we can afford within the ward boundaries, and I forget that that would mean I would have to send Reuben to school in the city, and I forget how much I hate groceries, and laundry, and transportation in the city.) I digress. We are teaching the marriage and family Sunday school class. While I have loved going to church without any responsibility since early December, I am looking forward to working on something with Justin.


Sandy M. said...

I love the idea of glitter everywhere! I seriously had a sudden but very fleeting urge to do the same here :)
I've taught that class a few times - I'm sure you'll enjoy it. People seem to get a lot out of it.
Nice for you to teach together :)


Tammy Lorna said...

I totally agree - baby in the bath is VERY cute :) and I love glitter :) what exactly are you making?!

And congratulations on your new calling! I think you two are perfect for that calling!

xo Tammy