Monday, February 15, 2010

Just like any other job

Overtime is the worst, unless you were planning on it and you are for sure going to get time and a half, and have work pay for dinner... then its tolerable, I guess.

I know I have a cushy job, and I am grateful to be doing what I do, but let me tell you overtime is the worstest because I don't get any kind of incentive. I will admit that I moved the clock ahead to trick my boss, Reuben, into thinking it was bedtime a half hour early. He is in bed, with the promise that I will send daddy in to check on him as soon as Daddy gets home. (Little does he know that daddy isn't going to be home for another two hours.) I will do all in my power to trick my manager, Simeon, into letting me clock-out for the day.

I hope Justin has a lot to show for his day today, that might be enough incentive to get me to work again tomorrow, otherwise I'm real tempted to call in sick.


Sandy M. said...

Haha! I always think of Heavenly Father as my boss. In my scenario Reuben would be the.. not really the customer (since it just wouldn't work to have him 'always right!') - but perhaps a fellow worker :)

I know what you mean about the job though. You really have to be committed and work on the understanding that you'll be 'paid' as much as possible as you go along, but you'll have to wait for a long time into the future for the real payday. Almost like a start-up company, that will be great, but needs a lot of time put in first.

And no-one ever pats you on the shoulder at the end of a hard day occasionally to say "Wow! Great work! We are going to give you a pay rise and move you up a few levels!" lol

On the other hand - it is exciting work, isn't it? :) And since it's really the Boss' work... It's good it's not all on me or you! :)

LOVE the bottom photo especially! That one is a keeper. It's great :)


JoJo said...

So witty and so true. Love the idea that Heavenly Father is the boss... and love the idea to turn up the clock!!

Kirstin said...

I know what you mean. I have days like that where clocking out is on the mind A LOT, but I also love the pay days when they do something really sweet or they say something cute, or they are helpful/obedient most of the day. I love your post. SO CUTE!

Mick said...
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Tammy Lorna said...

No hope of a day off Brecken! You're too good at your job for anyone to let you off the hook :)

xo Tammy

PS. Can't wait to come help out in your office for a couple of weeks!

Spencer and Amber said...

My boss, aka Spencer, has been promising to double my salary for years...overtime is really over-rated in my mind too.

I wish my kids were smaller so that I could pull the clock trick on them. They're just too smart now. But I guess I am thankful that they are big enough for me to have them get their pjs on at 6:15 and then read from a chapter book (this week it's Matilda) until bedtime.

Best of luck. I'm on overtime from Friday (yesterday) until Monday night. Yikes!