Saturday, February 6, 2010

High School Reunion

Here is a difference between me and Justin.

He was pretty sad he didn't get to go to his high school reunion. Now there is talk of one for me, and a chance we will be biding our time with my parents until a job comes through and we know where we need to move, so a chance that I would be home for said reunion. I've got little-to-no interest in going. Not because of the people, let that be clear, I have some pretty neat high school friends. High school wasn't necessarily a high point for me, and I like to avoid social situations in general. While telling Justin about the Facebook chatter surrounding the reunion, he told me that we had to go if we were there.

This confused me. He doesn't have anyone there to go see, other than me, and he can see me from the comfort of his job searching breaks. But he has this idea that life is like the movies, and that some kind of murder mystery would pop up at the reunion (He doesn't really have this idea, but it's the only reason that makes sense to me for him to want to go.) He says it's something about showing people how far we have come. (Which is pretty far, but considering we will be starting over at ground zero doesn't mean much.)

Now, if you are a high school friend reading, I don't mean any offense, but I really hope we know where we are going before said reunion comes up.

What's your opinion? Are you with Justin, or with me?


My Name Isn't Jerry said...

I am with Justin. Everyone knows that Sean and gus get cornered in the locker room with a dead body. Do you not want this experience? I sure do!

Kevin said...

I'm with you, Brecken. I'm just glad don't have to worry about my reunion - they closed my school down! I wouldn't really want to go anyway.

The Jones :) said...

I'm with both of you I think...I want to go to show people that Ryan & I are STILL married and happy and that we're doing alright...even though we got married 4 months after I graduated...but at the same time I don't want to go, because I don't want the "fake" people to pretend like they care and want to talk. You know?? It'll be year for me if there is one!! I can't believe your 2 years is almost up in New York though...WOW...come back out here :) :) :)

Michael and Natalie said...

I'm with Justin. I'm basically forcing Michael to agree to show up at his reunion. I think I want to show off to all those people with no jobs/careers covered with body tattoos still hanging out with their high school friends that I took the right path and they were utterly, unequivocally wrong with their choices they made, and to realize how well I turned out with the choices I made.

Reno said...

I'm with Justin. My high school reunion was just like real life. There were people who were fake and obnoxious who I had no interest in catching up with. But then there were amazing people and old friends I hadn't seen in 10 years and was totally thrilled to catch up with. And those people outnumbered the bad ones.

I just think if you have the chance to see people again after 10 years (assuming most of them are people you WANT to see), it's a really cool experience. And it gave me a lot of perspective about my adolescence!

Rachel said...

I'm in would be kind of fun to go, but I don't know if I'll be able to take a weekend off. If you are in the metro area, you should come visit us though!

Jessica said...

I'm going to mine--I'm curious to see where people ended up, and now that I'm not a grad school dropout in a dead-end lab job anymore, I'm not embarrassed to show my face. There's just that little matter of an ex-boyfriend who hasn't spoken to me in years and whose last words to me were something to the effect of, "I guess I'll see you at a reunion sometime."

Tammy Lorna said...

I think High School Reunions tend to bring out suprisingly complicated feelings. Which is strange reallly, considering the fact that they only last for a couple of hours! I had such a wonderful wonderful time at highschool, and I'd spent the last 10 years really looking forward to the 10 year reunion. My friends and I used to look forward to it and talk about it in our first few years out of school. But then, last september, when the reunion finally rolled around (and yes, when the facebook chatter reached it's peak), I just couldn't face it. I felt like I was a better and more successful person back in grade 12 then I am now, and I just didn't want people to see how much I was struggling, and just how far backwards I'd travelled since then! I was pretty devestated over the whole thing. I don't think I even told anyone about it - but I cried to myself for a few weeks over it.

Obviously, you're not feeling the same way I was. Sounds like your feelings are almost the opposite, that highschool was such a low point that you'd really rather not go backwards. So I'm not sure what the answer is. But I can say that I 'get' the whole complicated feelings around 'the reunion'... :)

You'll have to let us know what you decide! And if you do end up going, I'm pretty sure you'll be a hit with whoever gets the chance to catch up with you, and that either way, you'll leave at the end of the evening feeling pretty content with who you are and how your life is going :) (I'm also pretty sure that Justin will have a fabulous time, and will leave convinced that you had a utopian highschool experience with a hundred of the most friendly and amazing people he's ever met - hehe!)

xo Tammy

PS. Only 71 sleeps to go till I get to see you! Very excited!

Mindy said...

I went to mine because I was in the area, but Chad wasn' I felt "naked" without him. I have a hard time in social situations too and those situations bring out a lot of anxiety.
It was neat to see how much people have changed. I enjoyed hearing where people live and what they do for a living. I didn't enjoy seeing the same old clicks stick so solidly together that they wouldn't leave their "comfort" zone either. I seemed to get along with a lot of wives that were visiting--people that didn't have any pre-judgments. Imagine that.
If you do go home on the other hand, we might see you. Gail and Jerry are almost done with their 2 year time commitment too. :) So we will visit at the end of summer.

Kay Jones said...

I've never been to a high school reunion, although my class of '55' has them frequently. I always used the excuse that they were too far away. (Over 700 miles, one way) Went with my husband to his, however, and enjoyed them.

johnjen said...

I wasn't able to make it to my 10-yr reunion. I was 8 months pregnant with Kaley! We went to John's though and he had a good time catching up with friends. Can you believe it would be my 20th high school reunion this year? That makes you feel old!