Sunday, January 10, 2010

Reuben's Favorites


This week we celebrate Reuben.

Color: Yellow, and green
Stuffed Animal: Bear
Animal: Lion
Friend: All of them
Thing to do with Mommy: Go to the park
Thing to do with Daddy: Read books
Thing to do with Simeon: Play with him
Place: The park
Shirt: The one that I got from the zoo.
Game: All of them
Story: One that you got from the BIU (BYU) Bookstore (Time warp trio books)
Show: PBS Kids
Movie: Meet the Robinson's
Food: Peanuts (that is what he was currently eating)
Vegetable: Broccoli


Lark said...

Happy Birthweek Reuben!

Sandy M. said...

WONDERFUL pictures Brecken! :)
(Say! - you're good at this!)
Happy Birthday Reuben!!


New York Nelsons said...

Happy Birthday Reuben!

Kay Jones said...

Love this!