Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Love looks like this

This is how I want to remember this moment:
Simeon: calm and comfortable. Reuben: dressed and gentle. The light: warm. The house: clean.

It is the moment after this I don't need to remember.
Simeon: crying. Reuben: trying to talk his way out of a time-out because he just bit Simeon a little, not a lot. The light had help from photoshop. The house was out of frame, and oh, yeah, it is not clean.


Jessica said...

Did Reuben have a particular reason for biting Simeon? I hope the crying didn't last too long.

I think the picture definitely looks like your first scenario. It may be my new favorite of all of the pictures you've taken, and that's saying something because you're an awesome photographer.

Sandy M. said...

Haha! It's a beautiful photo and it made me smile widely. The photo did, I mean, before I read the post, and that made me laugh.
Now you can throw the post away, keep the photo, and remember it however you want to :)
But my advice is, that it's all the real life stuff around the photo-shopped image that ends up being great fun, when you look back on it that is. Truly! :)
Either way - it really is a beautiful photo, with a beautiful tag.


Margaret said...

brecken, i absolutely love your honesty. your blog never fails to make me smile! :)