Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Justin, in his talk on Sunday suggested that we could consider today as part of our eternal life. He suggested that we consider the fact that we have accepted the greatest gift of god, and while we may not understand or see the rest of eternity, that our life, today, is part of it.

I don't see the rest of eternity, but I know that it will be happy, because I have Justin for eternity. I have Reuben and Simeon for eternity. I have them because on that day I changed my life with one little word. Its amazing what one word can do.

On that day there is no way I could have imagined what the last few years have brought. I would have never chosen some of the things that came our way, but I picked Justin. So as long as I have him I know I'll be just fine. (Even if we end up in the back woods of Mississippi.)


Kay Jones said...

I love your blog, and read it every week. I loved the talk you gave, read it all the way. Good for you.
We have about 20inches of snow in our front yard and it's really cold. I haven't been out of the house for several days. It's a blessing to have a comfortable, safe, warm place to live.
Keep up the good work, both in your home and with Justins school work. Love ya!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Actually, the backwoods of Mississippi is awesome! I've been to a tiny piece of it and LOVED it! The world is an amazing and beautiful place . . .