Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dec. 7: Winter's Nap

Winter Nap

We spent the morning with the Munros. We had a lovely time visiting, and I'm so glad we had it. It really felt like being reunited with family.

Simeon had been sick for a couple days, but seemed to be finally to the point were he will sleep it off. He was asleep or moaning all day. The poor baby has lost his voice today, which is adorable because he doesn't have much of a voice to begin with. Reuben fell asleep on the couch next to Simeon, and he seems to be at the beginning of what ever this thing is called. They slept like that for three hours. Reuben woke up when Justin got home and the first thing out of his mouth was, "The Munroses are gone." (In a disappointed I wish we had a grandpa and grandma with us all the time kind of way.)

We then went to my piano recital. I will tell you that I am pretty proud of myself (even with my mess ups) I've had some pretty embarrassing performances in my time, and this time I avoided humiliation, and actually did pretty good. And for those of you who would have come here is an abbreviated video:


Sandy M. said...

Brecken, I am so sorry that you are all sick! So glad though, to see the boys sleeping through it for a few hours. We enjoyed our time with you so much :)

I'm sitting in a room with several computers here, downstairs at the hotel, and very cheerfully clicked on your video, thinking to expand your audience to at least the people sharing the room here, but the sound on my computer wouldn't turn up! Hmph! :)

The photos of the boys are beautiful. I showed Neil and he enjoyed them too. You are a wonderfully photogenic family!


Dani said...

what a couch!

Tara said...

You did such a fabulous job last night! I couldn't be more pleased!

Erika Hill said...

That couch is so great for portraits. Great job with the pictures and the piano performance! Playing in public really freaks me out (which almost renders the talent useless, since I even include my two dogs and my husband in the definition of "public" here...), so go you!

Liz Green said...

bravo!!!. I'm very impressed with the musical recital.