Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dec. 9: Learn a Christmas Song

We took Reuben and Simeon to the doctor (at the amazingly accommodating and clean Manhattan Physician's Group office--even the 91st street office is clean, spacious, and efficient!).

They have upper respiratory viruses, nothing serious, but you get a little cough to spice up the Christmas song. In addition, Reuben has been inexplicably obsessed with Shrek since a very young age. He recognized the character on the shirts at Target when he was not even two, and we had never watched the film with him. He found out about the Shrek Christmas special coming on, and as you can see he was a little distracted.


Amber F said...

That is too cute! Reuben is so adorable!

B- I sent you an email requesting your address, but you didn't email back. Perhaps I have the wrong email? I have a Christmas card waiting to come visit you. Send me your address, my email is

Sandy M. said...

Hi Brecken, I don't have your email address so I hope you get the blog. Sandy will have your address. We have been pretty busy. Lots of shopping and even went to Mary Poppins last night. really enjoyed it. We are about to head off to the MET museum of art. We would like to catch up for dinner tonight or tomorrow night but are a bit worried about the children knowing they are not well at the moment. What do you think? We'll check our emails as soon as we get back.

Thanks, Neil

Rachel said...

Keep those kids practicing for the next time you are here for Christmas. It is especially important for them to learn "Feliz Navidad" to sing to Lola (EEH My Land!).

JoJo said...

Okay so cute. I'm glad Reuben was able to earn his prize of Shrek and finally watch it... ;)