Monday, December 21, 2009

Dec. 2: Go sledding

Snowball LollipopWinter WonderlandChef Snowman

The snow stuck around, and we took advantage of it. Justin and Reuben met some friends to go sledding while Simeon and I went to an appointment. I went over to the hill as soon as I was done and watched them. Simeon slept strapped to my chest and covered with a blanket. It wasn't "cold" but it was windy which made it seem cold.

Justin describe it as "tranquil." The hill was wide so we had our own little section to ourselves. He also loved that it was above zero, he has never been sledding when it was above zero (but has only been sledding a handful of times).

Snow lollipops, made of fresh snow found hidden between fences and bushes made up the snack.

The snowman is a chef, says Reuben. That top ball is his chef's hat. We were debating between Mario Batalice, Iceberg Florance, Icy Garten, and Paula Snowbank.

We came home to have a delicious salad for lunch. Then we all cuddled in my bed and read Junie B. Jones.

The day got Justin so into the holiday mood that he took some of the presents out of hiding. (He had been running interference and hiding the packages as we got them.)

I'm amazed that "looking a lot like Christmas" can make it "feel a lot like Christmas." Reuben is so excited to "solve the mystery" of what is in those packages. He can't wait until christmas morning to solve the mysteries.

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Courtlin said...

I love Justin's face in that last picture.