Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dec. 15: Make Christmas Treats

Christmas Treats

Buttermilk Pralines. I love pralines. MMMM! It is basically the only candy I am willing to stand and stir.

peanut butter fudge This was REALLY easy, but it shows. (didn't love this recipe its not creamy fudge and its too peanut buttery. maybe it would be better with semisweet chocolate, but still the texture is crumbly not smooth.)

Oh, and chocolate covered pretzels.

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Talyn said...

That's the fudge I made. It was my first try, and it is perfect! Creamy, but firm (I did keep it in the fridge.) I added a scoop of peanut butter because I wanted some in there. I also halved the recipe and just used chocolate chips instead of German chocolate. It's a little bit of an ugly color, but yummy. Oh, I also boiled it for 7 minutes because I really didn't want it to be runny.