Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dec. 14: Hot Chocolate and Candy Canes

Except we didn't have any candy canes, just peppermint candy balls. Its not as fun because you can't stir your hot chocolate with the cane, but it tastes the same. Reuben loves peppermint, and liked eating the candy more than drinking the kind of pepperminty hot chocolate.

And now, we are out of hot chocolate, but do have a can and a half of Milo left.

I am hoping that santa brings me an elevator for christmas, because my grocery list is getting really long. Justin has made sure we don't run out of milk, but when you carry a gallon of milk up 6 flights of stairs it doesn't matter much that you are out of hot chocolate.


Tammy Lorna said...

Hey B! Just catching up on blog posts :) The hot chocolate sounds lovely. Actually, the idea of being able to drink hot chocolate because it's snowing outside instead of feeling like you're roasting at 35%C with 14576% humidity, it was sounds good :) (haha! it's not that bad :))

And I love Mr Krugers Christmas ("ah, the cat DOES sleep a long time)... I'll have to get it out and watch it again soon :)

The ward Christmas party sounds like fun. We have ours on Saturday night.

I'll have to sit down and write you a proper email in the next few days! Hope you're all well.

xo Tammy

Amber F said...

Does Santa even have elevators to give out? I don't envy you one bit, but then remember, it would be WAY worse to have to cart the groceries and 5 kids up the stairs. It's bad enough for me to carry everything up our one flight of stairs to the kitchen. Santa had better get on the ball!