Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

Our host has a chalkboard wall, that we were requested to write what we were thankful for upon. Reuben said he was thankful for Simeon and proceeded to draw Simeon. The meal was perfect, each part of it delicious. The company was wonderful. After eating, we listened to poetry, and had a wonderful time making music. Walking home, Justin and I discussed how much we like our friends (both those we spent the evening with and those that we didn't.) There is not much I will miss about New York, but I do admit that the friends we have made will be greatly missed when it is finally time to move-on.

While the turkey was wonderful (mad props to the Combs), I couldn't help but keep my annoyance that "Thanksgiving" is popularly called "Turkey Day." While celebrating a good "harvest" wouldn't be complete without the turkey, you won't ever catch me calling it turkey day, because I need to remind myself that it is a day to consider what I am thankful for. We had the parade on, and I never noticed before that the parade is just one really long commercial. "watch this movie, buy these batteries, go to this play, etc." It was sad for me to spend time thinking about what I wished I had, instead of thinking about what I have.

Talents, ability to pursue dreams, family, friends, a nice home (even if I have to climb the stairs), health, a bright future, very little regrets, the atonement, modern means of communication and transportation, elevators, good music, my camera and photoshop, ability to learn and teach myself things, etc.

While I wish I had another bedroom, new sheets, a food processor, a crib for Simeon, a car, a new pair of pants, coordinated clothing for my boys, a few lenses for the camera, and on and on...I'm thankful for what I have. I have a lot, and am blessed beyond belief.


Tammy Lorna said...

Hey Brecken,
Happy Thanksgiving! It's one of those traditions I really wish we had here in Australia, because I love the idea of a day that encourages us to turn our thoughts to all the things that we have :) I totally get your 'anti-turkey-day' feels. I refuse to ever write 'X-mas' for the same reason!

Looks likey ou guys had a wonderful day - how fabulous. Food, music, friends... surely that's a perfect afternoon :)

Love you lots and am thinking about you all a ton lately - really jealous that mum and dad will get to see you soon :(

xo Tammy

rebecca said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I miss all our city friends so I'm happy to hear many of you celebrated together. Little Simeon is serious adorable! And you, Brecken, are a wonderful poetic writer. Happy Thanksgiving and now let the Christmas season begin!

Mindy said...

Happy Birthday to Justin!
Watching the Macy's parade is a tradition I get from my mom...and we didn't watch much of it because it did seem like one big commercial. I was hoping you could watch it out your window and let me know what it's really like in person. Oh well! The best tradition is eating with family/friends.