Wednesday, October 7, 2009


alt 2009-10-06 026

Reuben is a budding actor (who could be surprised considering his father.) We were walking home from the park and he started to get a little unpleasant. Simeon was asleep in the stroller, so we stopped and took pictures of his faces. Angry, Frustrated, Tired, Bored, Loved, Happy, Surprised. This is his surprised face. We didn't have any more problems on the rest of the way home.


Sandy M. said...

Great face and beautiful eyes :)

One of our made-up FHE games when the children were young was to have an expression competition. I'd say 'sweet' or 'embarassed' or 'elated' or 'thoughtful' and the winner of each round scored a point. They would laugh to see each other's expressions, and especially Neil's, and would try so hard to act well. Tammy was quite good at it :)

Kourtney said...

What a good idea; I'll have to try this with Elliot!

Tammy Lorna said...

Great idea Brecken!

And Reuben: what a fantastic surprised face! :)

xo Tammy