Saturday, October 24, 2009

Off to See the Wizard

Earlier this week, in my pain and anguish, I declared that I was skipping Halloween this year. I sincerely questioned my ability to get to today. "I can't do it! I'm not worrying about costumes, and I'm not going." I often make declarations like this, Justin usually doesn't believe me, but I think he was convinced.

I started feeling better on Wednesday. Thursday was my 6 week follow-up appointment, a trip to the garment district, and a screening of "Motherhood" (I'll write about that soon, when I'm not typing with one hand.) Friday I spent making Reuben's and my costumes (with the fabric from the garment district.) This morning I was up at 6 getting the last minute things done for the primary party.

And, despite my declaration, everything went well, and I did go.

I was sitting, cramming a hot dog in my mouth before so I had energy to continue the day, when Reuben and Justin arrived. My little tin man ran in the gym, and my heart warmed when I heard Reuben yell to his friend "I'm the TIN MAN!!!!" All that stressing became worth it. And no one commented that the neck on his top was too wide because I made up the pattern and over estimated how big to make the neck.

Reuben spent the day saying "Yeah! I'm the tin man, and daddy is the scare crow and simeon is the lion, and mommy is dorothy from the WONDERFUL Wizard of OZ!" I had this great plan a few months ago (we already had the lion costume), and boy was a relieved when Reuben loved watching the Wizard of Oz for the first time on Oct 3rd (when it was on netflix for the day.)

Now I don't have to worry about Halloween, just gotta decide where we will trick-or-treat. Along broadway at the stores? A faculty building? Central park? All of the above?

Here's hoping Reuben remembers being the tin man for ever and ever and thinks it was the best halloween ever (because I doubt I'll be topping it). And that the page in the scrapbook becomes a favorite.


Sandy M. said...

I love the costumes! And the idea to do them - you all look wonderful. Doesn't Justin make a great scarecrow!
We don't really do Halloween in Australia - but years ago, when our four oldest were little, we had a family party just for us at home. We all dressed up as the Adams Family, with Tammy as Morticia, Neil and me as Uncle Fester and Grandma, Michael as Gomez, Jonny as Pugsley and Abby as 'It'. It was fun! - but not as cute as you guys :)

Lark said...

You all look great!

Heidi said...

You guys looked awesome at the party! I love themed family costumes, it makes it so fun to prepare and pictures are darling! You did a great job at the activity and enduring the week. Congrats!

Talyn said...

Yay! You're alive! I had to have my costume finished for a party last weekend. Then I had two full weeks to just enjoy fall/halloween stuff.

Mindy said...

Looks like you're missing GR. Looks great.

Amber F said...

You're the man B! I am amazed that you pulled that one out of the hat. I don't have a newborn this year and I still didn't want to make any costumes. Luckily I have costumes in every size...I'm totally a cheater.

Justin and Olya said...

Awesome costumes! Museum of natural history has a great TorT program for kids! 2-5pm on Saturday.

Jamie Curtis said...

Those are the cutest Halloween costumes ever! Love it!!

Liz Green said...

Darling Costumes. I'm glad you were able to make it and sad we couldn't be there.