Sunday, October 11, 2009

More Brotherly Love

2009-10-08 B

Simeon started to fuss while the sacrament was being passed, so I turned him so we was facing Justin and Reuben. As soon as he saw Reuben a huge smile appeared on his face. Simeon is the best reverence aid we've found. Reuben spent the rest of the have-to-be-quiet time making Simeon smile.

I stayed for primary, figuring that trying to get home on my own would be just as exhausting as staying two more hours. I noticed something I had never seen before, the siblings fiercely love each other. We have these two sisters. They wear matching dresses, look remarkably similar, and smile and wave at each through out primary. We have a brother and a sister who just moved in. The brother (older of the two) went to the front of the room to do his part for the program, on his way back to his chair he took a detour to give kisses to his sunbeam sister--who accepted and them and gave kisses back. I happened to be sitting my one of our wigglers, his brother was at the front of the room, and our wiggler jumped up and tried to get around me just when his older brother started to walk back. I stopped him (because that is what you do when you are sitting my a wiggler) then I realized what he was doing. "Okay, quietly walk back to S. and give him a hug and then come right back to sit in your chair." Wiggler, quietly walked back to S, punched him in the chest, gave him a hug, then quietly walked back to his chair. Later, his older sister (11) was at the front, and he whispered to me with a confidence that his secret would make me think he was very special, "That is my sister." He was right, I did think he was very special.

Five weeks ago, I had been overwhelmed with how mean a set of brothers were being to each other, both were crying. I was so sad that they could treat each other so poorly. It made me scared to be having a two boys.

You see what you expect to see. After having two boys and seeing how Reuben treats his younger brother I started to look for those same actions, and I saw them. While I still think its sad we have to split some brothers up, I'm not afraid of my future. I just need to help Reuben keep that love he has, and Simeon continue to smile when he sees Reuben.


Kourtney said...

We've definitely had our fair share of both scenarios. Our boys (almost three years apart) have fun playing together (right now they are making a "store"), but it is also frustrating for them because their interests and abilities are so different. If one of them gets grouchy, it's all over. It's so sad to me when they fight, but the times of kindness outweigh the meanness, especially in significance.

They know they are brothers, and they love each other more than they realize. Aaron gets upset with Elliot sometimes because he's babyish, but if another kid picks on Elliot, Aaron is the first one to defend him... even if that other kid is Aaron's best friend. Their brother-love trumps all else.

Sandy M. said...

A beautiful post Brecken!