Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween at Home

Tin ManScarecrow

The scarecrow shut himself in a closet so the Tin Man could trick-or-treat. Tin Man knocked, Scarecrow answered, "Why, hello." Tin Man asked "Can I have a Halloween Treat?" The Scarecrow said, "What do you say?" The Tin Man said, "May I have a Halloween Treat?"

My Grandpa Papa and my mother would be so proud of Reuben. Justin kept coaxing to finally get Reuben to say "Trick-or-Treat" but R didn't enjoy it.

Justin brought me some candy, and I explained how we were urged not to say trick-or-treat by my mother. It was one of those things where mom didn't tell us out right, but told us the story every year and hoped we would get the lesson. So, when he said, "what do you say" to me, I said, "Halloween is coming the goose is getting fat if you please to put a penny..."

Miss Galelittle lionOff to see the wizardLion and Tin ManMenu

Our special menu was Fondue but because we didn't have the rubbing alcohol to keep the pot hot, and because we really should be trying to contain germs, we had individual dishes of "Magic Potion" (We used Gayle's Recipe.) We had Skeleton Fingers (asparagus), Witch's Broom (broccoli), Eye of Newt (olives), Bat Wings (Doritos), Brain Chunks (sourdough bread), Monster Toes (little sausages). Reuben who usually LOVES olives refused to eat them because "eyes are gross." Justin's family used to make fancy names for the menu, and while I don't know that Reuben fully enjoyed it, Justin and I sure did.

We then watched "Hoodwinked" which was better than we expected. I'm pretty sure that there has been a Little Red Riding-hood in my Halloween Past, but I have a horrible memory so I could be making that up.

Reuben is now asleep, with his dose of Motrin.

While Justin, I'm sure would have loved knocking on doors like last year, I really do enjoy the evening at home. Maybe we won't do every-other year, but so far that's the pattern. And because I can't believe Reuben was ever this new at speaking, go watch this. And here is a photo of the first time we used the Lion costume.


Jessica said...

Yay for fondue. I'm glad you had a nice evening. Reuben and Simeon are too cute, and you don't make a bad Dorothy either. I hope Justin sang "If I only had a brain" and did a dance or something to provide the entertainment for the evening.

Twinmomwv said...

So what's the rest of "The goose is getting fat...."?

Michael said...

Had you never seen Hoodwinked? We LOVE that movie!

Even my dad can sing the goat's song "Cuz when you're always singing, you've got to live alone..."

Tammy Lorna said...

What a cute Oz family you all make! Sounds like a fabulous night, all you're missing is the wicked witch (I do wicked witches at halloween particuarly well, in case you're wondering ;)....)
I think the monster toes and reuben's hat are my favourites. His hat reminds me of that scene in 'Signs' that always cracks me up :)
xo Tammy

Courtlin said...

I have grown up a lot since Reuben was the lion.

Amber F said...

Fun? Fun? You think that Halloween at my house is fun?? You must be delusional! There is no fun (at least not for me) just chaos and noise and craziness. Oh well, at least it's only for one day.