Wednesday, October 28, 2009

First day in a walk-up

I got to the third floor, and thought, "I'm half way there! I might be able to do this!"
I got to the forth floor, and thought, "I'm going to die."

I need a place for the stroller in the lobby, and some chairs and water bottles on the forth floor.

Maybe by January I won't think I'm going to die until I get to the 5th floor. My baby load will weigh more, here's hoping.


Sandy M. said...

Who needs the gym? :)

Talyn said...

My ultra fit workout partner left her stroller at the bottom of the stairs of her 3rd floor condo. It was just outside at the bottom of the outside staircase to her apartment because she just couldn't imagine carrying it and her two children every time she needed to go someplace. (Her husband had the car all day.) It was eventually stolen in the middle of the night. I think she considers it worth it though for the several months of not having to carry it up and down.

Morgan said...

seriously, no need for a gym. that's how i feel about pushing my phil & ted up and all the hills around my house, not to mention the groceries that i lug home several times a week. it will get better. your body will totally get used to it. but yeah, maybe figure out some system for your stroller.

charrette said...

Bless you.