Sunday, September 27, 2009

Brotherly love

09-27-09 023

Reuben: "I have a new baby brother and his name is Simeon. He is over there with my mom, do you want to go see him? He's my new baby brother."

I seem to hear this anytime there is someone for Reuben to tell it to. And, since the introduction of Simeon to our family Reuben has developed "Imagination Boy" and "Imagination Girl" He talks to them, he narrates what he is doing to them, he tells them about his new baby brother named Simeon.

The advice (and directive) I received was to keep one of them with me at all times, never leaving them alone in a room together. This is kind of hard considering our bathroom is small. Simeon was asleep on my bed, so I tried to get Reuben to come with me. He did, and then quickly left. I found him laying on the bed next to Simeon staring. When Simeon opened his eyes, Reuben laughed for joy, "He looked at me! That means he loves me!"

The first thing Reuben asks when he wakes up is "Where is Simeon." If I am resting, and Reuben is watching a movie, he comes to check on Simeon regularly. "Just looking" is how he puts it. If Simeon cries, Reuben says it is because Simeon needs him. Reuben puts his face in close and says "Please don't cry Simeon, Mommy and Reuben are here."

Oh, and there are the breakdowns, and moments of meanness... but we won't talk about those in this post.


Tammy Lorna said...

Oh such sweetness, I love that he's given himself a role and insists on being needed. From one firstborn to another - good job Reuben - you're totally needed :)

xo Tammy

Jamie Curtis said...

Reuben is such a cute older brother! It was so fun to see how much he loves Simeon. Your family is adorable, Brecken. Can't wait to catch up more with you later!!

Amber F said...

B- I love that I found your blog! Your boys are so cute (even the big one)! I hope you appreciate the times while Reuben likes Simeon, and Simeon doesn't know any better, because before you know it they will be worst enemies and try to kill each other frequently. I only say that from experience. Hope you are still healing up well, and just remember to breath. Lots of love.
P.S. Spencer says "Hi" too. He said that you can come visit us anytime you want. We're practically neighbors!

Sandy M. said...

I thought you meant that Reuben had directed you to keep either imagination boy or girl with you at all times, but not leave them alone together, and was confused! :)
I think that is very good advice, although it seems that Reuben is adjusting beautifully. He sounds like a very special little boy.
(I know there are probably those other times too.. :)
I hope your day is happy :)

Heidi said...

So cute! Good to hear the love and baby joy is filling your home. It was fun to sit next to Reuben today at church, Lilly was excited to be with him. Looking forward to visiting soon. Take care!

Kevin said...

Good idea not to talk about the breakdowns and moments of meanness - of course they occasionally happen, but we might as well remember the sweet moments!!