Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blessing Day

I am extremely lucky to have such a good looking and photogenic family. We ventured out, but not too far to take advantage of our Sunday best. Reuben was very confused, and really didn't want to wear his Sunday shoes because it wasn't Sunday.

We had a very quiet Name and Blessing this afternoon. A Name and Blessing is a priesthood ordinance, Simeon's name will be put on the records of the church, and he was given a blessing to comfort and guide him through his life. I hope he will live close to that blessing, and allow it to remind him who he is, and the love his family and Heavenly Father has for him.
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Ben Peters said...

Congratulations, you guys! What a stunningly beautiful family you all make and what a set of photos. Were sorry we couldn't be there today. Cheers to you all and Simeon especially!

Heidi said...

What great pictures of your darling family! Congrats on a beautiful day for a blessing. I'm glad it was a special and memorable one. :)

Tammy Lorna said...

I loved seeing these pictures Brecken - what a beautiful family. And hope the blessing was a really wonderful experience for you all.

xo Tammy

PS. You're looking fabulous!

Sandy M. said...

Beautiful photos, Brecken! I really enjoyed seeing them - thank you!

Justin and Olya said...

So Beautiful, Brecken and Justin! Congratulations!
I got your email too, but since you've just had a baby, I figured that you , probably, need time to adjust.
Where are you living? we are in the upper west side, just on the border of midtown west and upper west.
We'd love to get together, whenever you feel like it.

Congratulation again! Love, Olya and Justin

emilysuze said...

So lovely!

Marydee Moore said...

What a beautiful family! Congratulations again on your beautiful new son. Now we have two Cook boys to admire.

Rachel said...

Oh, my beautiful friends! I remember Reuben's blessing, and how special it was. I also remember how shocking your awesome family ward was after years of spending time with the singles. This little boy with a very disgusting scab on his head was crawling around while the sacrament was being passed. His parents were sitting in the first row of folding chairs and I was in the last pew on the back row. The little guy (who was actually pretty cute, despite the scab), crawled under my pew and I thought he'd make his way to the front, so I just picked him up and put him beside me. He seemed content. I remember after the priesthood members were dismissed to sit in the congregation, the baby's father came up and took him back. It was all very comical, but I remember thinking the dad was kind of a tool because he'd been hissing at his wife to take care of it the whole time, while she was laden with two other children. I don't know why he couldn't have just dealt with his scabby son himself, but some men are insensitive. Fortunately, Brecken, you've got some stellar men in your life! And fortunately, Justin, you've got the most wonderful wife ever!
Sorry. Just remembered scab boy. Love the family pics, and congrats.

Jamie said...

You guys all look so cute! I can't believe you just had a baby, Brecken. You look so awake and lively!! :) We miss you guys.