Thursday, September 3, 2009


Well part of my prayer was answered. I did have to go in for the appointment, but I was in and out. (Being the first appointment of the day really does work.)

I had a non stress test, which is basically 20 minutes of fetal heart monitoring. I didn't have a contraction during the 20 minutes. And baby is doing "not bad, but not great." From what I understand his heart rate goes a little crazy when he moves.

Blood pressure was good 117 over 74. I lost two pounds in the last week. (that means only 4 pounds more than when I delivered with Reuben which is only impressive if you know that I started this pregnancy almost 30 pounds heavier than what I started with Reuben.)

And, what you have all be wondering... I'm dilated to a 2. And the head is "nice and down there." Which was the most encouraging news of the day, it explains the extreme hip pain, and it means I might not have to push for 4 hours.

Now I just HAVE to go into labor before September 11 at 6 AM, because that is when they hook me up to the drugs that I SO SO SO do not want to have.


Dani Grigg said...

wow, nice job with the weight control. good luck!

Sandy M. said...

Very impressive, knowing that! :)What is your actual due date?

Tammy Lorna said...

Yay! Well done! :)

Now, just don't go into labour for the next 24 hours so you can have a fabulous birthday!

(It's already your birthday here in Oz by the way, and since you can't be here, I'm celebrating for you. It's a lovely day - you'll enjoy it!)

Lots of love,
xo Tammy

Talyn said...

I've already gained 6 and a half pounds.

JoJo said...

We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers!!!