Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One thing I miss about Utah

So, besides my sisters, friends, and a few select restaurants I don't miss much about Utah.

And then we had the tour of the hospital tonight during our birthing class. While I had a less-than-appealing birthing process with Reuben, the hospital was never a concern.

The labor rooms here are a third of the size as the labor room I had with Reuben. Narrow hall with a sink and bathroom, then a little tiny room with a bed, the monitoring station, a chair for the husband, a TV hanging on the wall, a computer for the medical records, and the baby warming thing. Only half of the rooms have a shower, the other half has one shower in the hallway shared between the rooms.

If insurance is paying for it, the recovery room is shared. The 7th and 8th floor recovery rooms are big enough for two beds, and there is a fridge. There is a bed by the window, and a bed by the door. I just can't imagine how annoying it could be to share a room, granted I'm hoping for a better recovery with this one, but with Reuben recovery was just as bad as labor. On the not-yet-renovated floor the shared rooms are not big enough for two beds, meaning, you could hands with your room mate while in bed and not even have to stretch. I've heard that if its not a busy night you could be in a shared room on the not-yet-renovated floor and not have to share it, but your husband still has to act like it is a shared room and leave at 10.

There are private recovery rooms, but you have to pay for them. The cheapest room is $500 a night, on the not-yet-renovated floor with the "bridge view" which is basically an alley view which you can see the bridge through the narrow crack between the buildings. I can't remember how much the 7th and 8th floor private rooms cost, but they cost more, and you can have a park view, or the same bridge view. The rooms aren't big, and the husband just has that fold-out recliner chair thing to sleep on (with Reuben Justin got a bed.)

So our plan is to try for the shared room, and if I can't hack it the second night sacrifice and pay the 500 and pretend that it is the part that we have to pay for the hospital expenses. Reuben cost us 1400 out of pocket, so 500 is cheap in comparison.

I had another appointment today. I feel great, the biggest reason I want to have this baby is so that I don't have to have anymore appointments. My appointment was supposed to be at 11, so I got there 20 minutes early like they say to be (which means Reuben and I left the apartment at 10), and I wasn't seen until 12:45.

My to-do list is long, but I can't seem to make myself do it because I get too hot, or start having contractions.

  • Clean and rearrange our bedroom to make room for the pack and play and baby clothes.
  • Sort and wash the infant clothes. (I packed all the clothes that are 0-9 months in the same box, so it's not too big of a job, but still takes time.)
  • Pack a bag for the hospital.
  • Go grocery shopping so we have any food other than frozen chicken and hamburger.
  • Clean the bathroom and kitchen so we have a place to bathe that baby.
  • Shop: diapers, wipes, nursing pads, maybe a new nursing bra.
  • General de-junking
He's coming within the next 4 weeks, and we better accept that fact and get ready.


emilysuze said...

Hopefully your labor is quick and easy so that you can get out of that hospital as quickly as possible.

Good luck with all the last minute prep stuff!

The Jones :) said...

Oh Phatty...I sure hope it's a better labor/delivery then you had with Reuben. Those rooms sound horrible, and I guess that's one nice thing I can look forward to with this baby huh!! Good luck and I hope it all goes well...good luck getting your list done...and I can't wait to see pictures of your new little one and hear all the details!!! Love you...and hope you can manage in the hospital!!

charrette said...

Too bad you're not in L.A. for this one. Giving birth at Huntington Hospital was like giving birth at the Doubletree Hotel. Serious pampering.

charrette said...

Oh, and maybe go rent The Bucket List, for a totally upbeat perspective on sharing a hospital room.

Sandy M. said...

Brecken, you make me laugh with your, 'He's coming within the next 4 weeks, and we better accept that fact and get ready.'!
I do agree that you ought to have done that by now, or at least I do think it is now time, as you say :)

I don't think you need to worry about the rooms :) Charrette's Huntington Hospital cum Doubletree Hotel does sound lovely, but in the end it's going to be amazing that you have a new baby, and the important thing will be whether you have competent medical care, which I am sure you will have, so everything else will be ok :) If you saved your $500, you might be able to get away with Justin for a night in another 6-12 months or so, (would be so happy to babysit if we were there), and probably have a much nicer room again :)

I think it is funny that they have televisions in the labour rooms - do people really have the time? I remember that I packed a game of Scrabble to take into the labour room when I had Tammy. Funny! As for the size of those rooms, my memory was that you get awfully busy and the area seemed to contract for me until all I could really see was Neil's face - I couldn't have told you who else was even there. And he certainly wasn't going to be watching television! Will the hospital mind if you take some things into the room with you? - some flowers in a vase? posters for the walls? a pretty cover for the bed? I'm just saying - if that would help :)


Lisa Brown said...

I hope you don't have to share either. It reminded me of a story my mom told me about sharing a room after the birth of one of my siblings. She had a roommate who smoked constantly - in a hospital and with babies around! Things sure were different in the 60's.

Mindy said...

Would your insurance cover you if you were out of town? If so, I would consider driving to a nicer place and having the baby there.
You better start packing! Henry came 3 weeks early when I was having contractions...and he was perfectly healthy.

Tammy Lorna said...

Oh Brecken! I'm sorry the hospitals aren't as nice as the Utah ones - and yes, I remember your room there being lovely! :) It feels a little sad not to be able to visit you and meet Simeon on the day that he's born - I'll always be glad Reuben waited for me so I could meet him on his birthday :)

I'm sure things will work out fine for you though - sounds like the more immediate problem is your too long to-do list! I hope you get everything done soon, and that it turns out to be easier than you expect it to be :)

lots of love,
xo Tammy