Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dream Come True

I could post something about wearing my beautiful ring for the last six years, because today is our engagement anniversary.
I could post something about the really really cute hat I crocheted.
I could post something about waiting to go into labor.
I could post something about my life altering philosophical ah ha moment.

But, no. I am going to post about something else.

We went to church today (my secret hope was that it would induce labor). I had a few good strong contractions on the way to the bus, a few wimpy contractions during primary, and a few good strong contractions induced by waddle-running to catch the bus. We made it home--hungry, with a back ache, swollen ankles, and needing a restroom.

The elevator came, which is always a good sign. We got in and pushed the number 6, the door closed, we heard the going-to-start-moving-groan...

AND NOTHING HAPPENED. We were trapped--in the elevator. We rang the call bell. We waited. We pushed more buttons. We waited. We rang the call bell. And then, Reuben's dream came true--we let him push the emergency phone button.

"We're stuck in the elevator" Justin says. "Which floor" the emergency phone guy says. "First" Justin says. "Okay, someone is on their way." the emergency phone guy says. "But how do we get out of here! How do we fix it?!" Reuben shouts.

I have a contraction.

I sit down on the gross black plastic floor. It is starting to get hot and stuffy. Reuben sits down and cuddles up against me. It gets hotter and stuffier. "If I ever get out of here I'm having my eyes lasered" says Justin. "If I ever get out of here the elevator better start working again because walking up 6 flights of stairs is not going to happen today." says I.

We wait.

"Here comes Angel." Justin says. (Angel is our super.) He does something magical and the elevator moves, opens on the second floor. We decide to risk it, and see if it will go up farther. We finally get off on the forth floor. I waddle up two flights of stairs. Have a contraction as soon as the door is unlocked.

And, no... I'm not in labor.


emilysuze said...

That would have been a great story to tell Simeon about his birth if you had gone into labor on the elevator. :)

Jessica said...

I'm so glad you didn't have to have a baby on the gross black plastic floor. Uggh! I hope you go into labor soon and that it goes a lot quicker than it did with Reuben!

Talyn said...

Hey! What sort of trick is that to write that you had a life altering ahha moment and then not say what it is? I'm glad you didn't have a baby in the elevator, although I'm sure it would have been helpful to have Reuben shouting questions the whole time. Haha.

Tammy Lorna said...

Oh Brecken! My jaw actually dropped when I got to the part where the elevator wouldn't move! Thank goodness you didn't go into labour, and that you weren't in there for too long!

Loved the You've got Mail quote - perfect timing! Did you burst out laughing! At least he wasn't yelling because he couldn't find his tic tacs :)

So glad you all got out, and that Reuben got to have one of his wishes granted.

xo Tammy


PPS. Did you remember the time I got stuck in the freight elevator with a trolley full of computers at BYU? I was stuck on the first floor too, and the elevator doors had those slit windows in them, so everyone in the office next door kept coming and looking in at me. I was like an incredibly bored piece of exhibition art! Took them a whole hour to get me out! And when I called the emergency phone the second time (as they'd asked me to), to let them know that I was finally free, they answered the phone the same way they had the first time: "BYU Maintenance, are you stuck?" ... It was a little strange to have to pause and then say, 'um, no'....

Erika Hill said...

Tammy beat me to applauding the You've Got Mail reference. I was going to say something about wanting tic tacs or speaking to my mother again, but the glory's all gone.

Great story, and here's to hoping that you go into labor not in an elevator!

Heidi said...

Oh wow, that is a great post. Sorry no reward of labor after waiting, sweating and sitting on the elevator floor! You deserve something sweet after all this! Good luck this week and I hope it all works out wonderfully! :)

Sandy M. said...

This was a funny post! It really gave me a good giggle to close a lovely day with. You thought going to church would induce labour? :) Oh no! - I felt for you, needing the rest room at 8 1/2 months pregnant and stuck in an elevator.. or anywhere! Love the Justin, YGM quote. Love Reuben's shout-out :) Love that you were saved by an Angel. Funny that you only made it to 4th floor!
Maybe you're in labour now :)

Bob said...

I remember that elevator . . . it always seemed to be on the fritz.