Friday, June 30, 2006


Grandma Lark, Reuben, and Brecken at the steps by the carousel. It was hot. It was sunny. It was just like I remember it. Look at the seagull flying behind us!

We didn't ride it, its no fun if you aren't on an outside horse trying to get the golden ring... and Reuben is just too small to do that.

Reuben on the bridge... the shaky bridge... with water in the river!

This is the new coolest thing at the carousel. It is a great fountain (way cooler than the one at the Gateway.) It changes where the water is shooting out of. A big dome on the top (that circle has little shooter outer things on it), with a huge downpour from the middle, some from little stands around the circle, then big tall shoots from the ground, and little spray from the ground. The kids were having so much fun... I wished I had my swimming suit.

"No wet clothing permitted on the antique horses."

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