Friday, July 31, 2009

Only 75 More Posts Until I Have 1000

I started a blog before I even knew they were called blogs. I figured with 1000 posts around the corner I better get ready to publish my blog book, so I've been editing those very first posts. (The first 30 are done.)

Oh, the days of quickly jotting down nonsense so my brain could have a break from working--I do not miss them. I really do have a horrible memory, which makes rereading everything fun. The only problem is my original blog is no more, so where I had links to the photos nothing happens. I'm trying to figure out from my saved archive which photos went with which words... its hard work.

Dear Bloggger,
Please do not shut down until I have my blog published.
Thank you.


Lisa Brown said...

If you go to, they have a program that sucks your blog right into a book format, and you can edit it from there. That is where I get my blog books from and I love it.

emilysuze said...

I love the idea of taking your blog and putting it into book form. Have fun!

Sandy M. said...

I didn't know your blog could shut down..!
Hurray for you Brecken! :) Your blog book will be an amazing keepsake!