Monday, July 20, 2009

Down by the Bay



We walked to the bay. On our walk, Reuben pointed to a mail box and asked what it was. He was pretty shocked at my reply, just as shocked as I was at the fact that he didn't know what a "real" mailbox looked like.

The bay is one of my most missed places. There is something about sitting on a bench watching the water ripple, listening to the frogs, loons, and other sweet sounding birds. In my memory there aren't as many mosquitoes, and there isn't a three year old boy trying to take off his pants so he can go swimming (it is not a swimming lake). All through college I tried to find a place that could make me feel the same as the bay, up the Provo River almost came close, but I was at the mercy of my roommates with a car to get there. We've tried in Central Park, but the solitude factor doesn't come into play and its not within a 5 minute walk, not to mention the lack of loons.


Sandy M. said...

Beautiful photos Brecken!

The Jones :) said...

I'm jealous Phatty...sure wish I was back there right now. Not for the mosquitoes but for quiet, peace, and NICE WEATHER/TEMPS...I'm so sick of 95+...enjoy your time back home!!!
Miss you