Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Concert in the Park

After last year's disaster I didn't have my hopes high for going to the Philharmonic in the Park Concert this year, especially when Justin committed to work on a shoot this week. But, the stars aligned. Some friends went to the park yesterday morning (7:30) and staked out space, prime space between the sound guys and the VIP chairs. All we had to do was show up before people wouldn't let you through (which we did, much to Justin's lack of sleep). Friends from the ward started joining us, but not all that we expected, probably because they couldn't get to us. Justin and Reuben came close to getting muscled out. They went to the playground to run off some energy, and by the time they headed back the police were blocking the easy path back, and New Yorkers were blocking the hard way, but they made it.

The concert was wonderful. Reuben only had two fits were I was embarrassed to have brought him, one of those times was because Justin's phone smacked him on the head. Reuben fell asleep after the intermission, he wouldn't even wake up for the fireworks. Justin carried him home, except for the block that we made him sleep walk. Reuben's little head bobbed, but he kept walking. He takes after his father who can do almost anything while asleep.

There is another concert next week, and if you want to go here are my tips: have some one go in the morning and lay blankets and sheets down... since I wasn't the one who did it I think this is a great idea. Make sure that you get there between 5 and 6, or you'll see the worst of New Yorkers come out... especially if you arrive after 7:30, you probably won't make it to your group. Bring a picnic that will be easy to clean up in the dark.

The spot was perfect, the weather was amazing, the conversation was nice, and the music was the best.


Jed and Kate said...

I'm glad to hear it was a good experience! We would have gone but opted not to due to Jed's lack of sleep :). Wish we would have braved it tho!

Sandy M. said...

Cute picture of Reuben and friend. Sounds like a good night :)

di said...

i'm so happy we were all there together! I thought R & A were fine - I heard him cry for seriously only a second (so sad, i didn't realize he bonked his head). have a great trip!