Wednesday, July 29, 2009

But, that means NO!

The other day Reuben asked me to pay attention to him.
I said, "In a minute"
He said, "But, that means NO!"

We are quickly approaching our second year anniversary of living in New York, and while things are greatly improved, I still feel like Heavenly Father's answers to most of my prayers are "In a minute... but My minute not yours." While I know that He is a better parent than I am, I still agree with Reuben that "in a minute" just means "No." Even though I have "No" answers before, and they were just "No." My greatest desire is to know when the Hard Out* is.

Monday was filled with every single thing that I hate about New York: grocery shopping, complicated public transportation, doctor's appointment, Justin working on a student film, high heat and humidity, etc.

Reuben and I spent the last two days cuddling while reading, or watching netflix and hulu in my bedroom because that is the only place I can breathe and not drip. The AC unit in my room is pre-energy saver so just runs and makes the room cool down, and I can trap the cold air in there by shutting the door. The living room is fine if you are sitting by the window unit, but it's too small for the whole space. The rest of the apartment is a sauna (and the steam kind at that.) And, while I am grateful that it is not 100 degree weather, I am envious of that unusually cold weather Minnesota is experiencing. Reuben asked if tomorrow we could "exercise." So, my break from Monday is over.

*In film makers terms Hard Out means you absolutely need to be done with the location. When its not a union shoot its the only time that my husband gets home when he told me he would be home.


emilysuze said...

Must be miserable to be dealing with the heat at the end of your pregnancy. No bueno.

Kimberlee said...

We recently just moved from an non-A/C apartment...I hated it! I can't imagine being hot and humid and pregnant. I hate being hot as it is. And how is it that the heat doesn't seem to bother the kids so much...they just want to live life like normal? Hang in there!

Lisa Brown said...

I love what he said - so funny!

Heidi said...

Welcome "Home" :) Wish we could see Justin's film, good luck with the heat and winding down the last month of this baby. Sounds like quite an adventure but glad you got to get away and be with your family. Looking forward to meeting you guys in a few weeks.