Saturday, June 20, 2009

Warning: Boring.... unless you asked the questions.

We've had a pretty boring life between the days that aren't boring, but I've still been overwhelmed, and lacking motivation to find inspiration. I keep hearing Henry David say "How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live."And instead of making me want to fight with Reuben to get some clothes on him so we can "stand up," I think, "I will just not write when I sit." And the rain makes it hard to take a good photo. That's the gist of it.

I had a very long appointment yesterday (I was there from 2:30 to 5), and all is well. My blood pressure is still in check (it wasn't this time with Reuben). I'm still within my weight goal. His heart beat is strong. I'm measuring where I should be. My left arm is the one that I should give for blood tests. My heart burn is ferocious, but nothing to worry about. My hip discomfort is to be expected.

Simeon isn't much of a kicker, he is more of a roller, a steam roller--which believe it or not is more uncomfortable than kicking because it affects everything. I'm betting it will have to stop as he gets bigger, and I'll be back to the memory of toes in my ribs. He doesn't like it when Reuben squishes him or when I tie my shoes and does his best to reclaim his space. Reuben asks to feel him kick, Justin asks to hear his heart beat.

I knit Justin and Reuben matching hats for this winter, but I still have that block up that makes it hard to start Simeon's. Maybe if enough of you beg to see them I'll start and finish Simeon's so I can post a picture. I also have enough yarn in the colors that I could make S a blanket, and at least R a scarf.

In a month Reuben and I will be going to Minnesota for a week. I'm very excited because its Minnesota, because all my sisters will be there, because my parents are there, because Reuben will have so much fun. (I'm finding that my pregnant emotions enjoy watching Reuben be thrilled.) I must warn J and C that Reuben has heard about camping (from his friends here who went to the father/son camp-out) and he thinks he wants to try it, so it might be your job to lay on the trampoline with him until the bugs scare him inside. (He hates bugs). And, Grandpa needs to be ready to build marble towers (and everyone else needs to be ready for the noise of the marbles. I'm hoping that when I am back from that trip all my anticipating energy can go towards Simeon's arrival.

I've been taking piano lessons since September, and if I do say so myself I've been improving. I can actually get to a point where it sounds good when I play, not just play it the best when I sight read it. Reuben is very good about letting me practice, and it is very satisfying to be working on something. Its hard to teach an old dog how to do the same tricks just better, but Tara has been doing a good job, and is very persistent about reminding me of my bad habits in hopes that I can get rid of them. My secret hope is to be kinda good so when its my turn to go back to school I can do it for music education for real. It won't be my turn to go back to school until Justin's student loans are paid back, Justin is teaching at a school that gives me a great discount, and we fall into a lot of money and have a sufficient college funds for the children and me... I think I can reach my goal because I have a few years.


Sandy M. said...

I really liked your post. Henry David is as pithy and insightful as ever. But somedays there is more energy to stand up with than others.. I suppose that sitting for a while just gives you a different view point :)

I'd love to see a picture of Simeon's hat too :)

Tammy Lorna said...

Hey Brecken. I'm glad you wrote :) I've been sensing your slightly 'blah' feelings of late, and I've missed you :) It doesn't matter if you're standing or sitting, we just love to keep up a conversation.

So glad you've got a trip home in a week. Few things revitalize like a trip home. Especially to a place with lots of trees and hardly any sky scrappers! So I hope you have a fabulous time.

The matching hats sound adoreable. I think you should start on S's hat too :) I'd love to see it!

And I'm excited for you with the piano lessons! As one who shares your love of music, I can think of few things better to spend your time on :) Can't wait to hear you play again!

Love you lots - know my thoughts and prayers are often with all four of you.
xo Tammy