Friday, June 26, 2009

G's Birthday Party

Imagine eight 3 and 4 year olds holding onto knots on a rope with a few adults reminding them to keep holding on walking down the block, and you have a pretty magical birthday party. We did manage to walk over to the park, have everyone get a turn racing, and back to the building right before the predicted rainstorm hit.

Reuben couldn't talk about anything other than his friend's birthday party today. We went to find a present for him, and while Reuben kept suggesting baby toys, or princess books, we finally did settle on something (although it was a parent's-need-to-play-with-him gift.) I had him make the card, and he told me what to write in it. "I hope you have cars on your cake" and "Do you like scary guys?" Things like that.

Its scary to see these gets get old enough to completely enjoy birthday parties, and none of the 3 or 4 year olds had break downs when it was open presents time.

I'm in awe of the planning and effort that the mom (and dad) put into the party. I'm a bit frightened about this year's b-day for Reuben, because we are planning on being in the city, and he has really fallen in love with birthdays and will notices that I didn't do a party for him. (I have until January to figure out how to deal with a dead of winter party in a NY apartment.)


Lark said...

Musikgarden party. Make an instrument with collected peanut butter jars filled with a few beans or rice to shake.

Mindy said...

Luau in January, complete with Hawaiian haystacks. We are not good at planning either. See any posts for Henry's birthday yet? See!

Sandy M. said...

Ha - that sounds like fun! - planning the party I mean :) Mmmmn.. I'm a fan of fabulous birthday parties for children (read here not expensive, but tons of work and effort) - I have my own, slightly guilty reasoning....: When our children look back and, sadly, remember that I was not perfect in so many other ways, I want them to have at least some really fabulous memories to offset their otherwise perfection-less childhood :) It was kind of the plan I went with anyway :)
(I was sick a lot of the time.)

But that was me :) You are probably fabulous every day, Brecken!

Tammy Lorna said...

Very cool!

I'll try and think of winter Ideas for you.... :)

xo Tammy