Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back to Us

I really did love having my sister and her family here. Reuben asked all day Sunday where Alena was, and after "Back in Utah" he would yell, "UHHHAH, WHY?!" So all the bickering over the word "mine" didn't last long in his memory. They will be reunited in July for a week in Minnesota, and we'll see if having separate rooms will help them get along better, because they do get along pretty well until one of them gets tired.

Justin got a part-time job for the month of June. His reasoning was "bird in the hand" based. He'll be working 6-9 pm on weekdays. I'm looking forward to having him home during the day, all the free kid stuff happens during the day, but I already found out that I can't do evening concerts in the park alone, so I'll be skipping those.

I'm thinking we'll do a weekly free, or dirt-cheap thing this month, partly because I'm feeling uninspired after nearly two weeks of constant activity, and I want to make some memories before it gets too hot, I get too big and tired, and eventually have to lug two children around on the public transit system. I'm only three months away from that.

I also have a summer goal of getting Reuben to visually recognize each of the letters. He's got a lot, but not all. If I can get the sounds too I'll be pretty pleased.

And then there is my photography goal, piano, and finally moving into the apartment.


Mindy said...

You have a lot of goals! I like your new header. Hazel recognizes her letters but that is only after preschool and she will be five next month. I can't believe that R. can even know some, Henry certainly doesn't. R. must be really advanced.

Sandy M. said...

I've enjoyed all of your sight-seeing photos, Brecken. I think that you look very pretty in the last two photos especially :)
I also looked up your old blog entry. Exciting! I'm like Tammy - I kind of envy you a bit, but I do understand that it wasn't a lot of fun at the time..
How nice to have your sister come to stay! People always say it, but somehow you understand more as you get older, how important family is! :)

Kimberlee said...

Check out this website: http://www.starfall.com/n/level-k/index/load.htm?f. Molly knows a lot of the letters, and this website is pretty cool...she loves it! It might help a little bit, or be a good change of pace every once in a while. Good luck!

Heidi said...

Nice new picture, looks like life in the big city is FUN! :) Nice that Justin can do a PT job this month and you can enjoy the time together.

And Thank You SO much for your very encouraging comment on my blog. I really appreciated your thought and kindness in one of those moments. :) Take care!