Monday, April 6, 2009

Conference Weekend

This is what our house looked like at 7:30 last night. They fell asleep reading while I practiced the piano.

I call the weekend a success. We carried on our traditions, we were edified, we rested. Its nice to have two days in a row of staying home all together watching uplifting talks.

If you want you can watch, re-watch, or just pick and choose what to watch here.

The message I got was to not be afraid, which is a nice reminder when one is pregnant, living on borrowed nearly nothing, and no definite plan for the near or distant future. Where in May Justin will be looking for a job in a city with one of the highest unemployment rates in the United States. I've got to have more faith, and more diligence in doing the things that will earn us blessings.


Sandy M. said...

Good morning Brecken - (it's morning here)

I'm really looking forward to seeing the conference talks this weekend. Although I will stay home and watch them over the net with my mother, a lot of people attend our meeting houses to watch them as ward and stake groups. Is that what happens for you? What traditions do you have?

I remember worrying about some of the same things when I was younger. Then, as time goes on, things work out. We've always been blessed with whatever we have really needed. Heavenly Father is so kind.

When is your baby due?

charrette said...

Once again, Jeff junior.

And you will be amazed how the Lord takes care of you.