Thursday, April 9, 2009

Beautiful Day

The beautiful day was oh, so refreshing and inspiring. It felt good to upload a good looking photo... its been a while.

Reuben is still telling people the baby is a girl. But he has started saying that he is going to be the BIG brother, so we are one step closer.

He started saying "This is the best *fill in blank* of MY LIFE!" This is the best book of my life. The best movie of my life. The best color of my life. The best game of my life. Its pretty funny because of the way he emphasizes "my life," like there has been so much of his life that to be the best thing of it is pretty darn important.

We had naptime today, and I got to join in on the fun. Hopefully laundry, a quick trip to the park, and last minute apartment clean-up will be enough to wear him out because that is what is on the docket for tomorrow.


Heidi said...

Hi, thanks for your comment. Our husbands have talked & I've been meaning to call you to introduce myself. We came across your blog in our research and I apologize I've been stalking you by reading your posts before we've officially met (how unethical of me, sorry) :) yet I've REALLY appreciated your words during our decision process to come to Columbia! Thank you for your candor and thoughtful expressions of life there in NYC. Congrats on your little one #2 and I look forward to getting Justin's number from my John so we can talk sometime. Thanks again and take care.

Sandy M. said...

I love your photos, Brecken! I think it's because Reuben looks so very natural in them - a consequence I suppose of being photographed so frequently. Or perhaps he is just an outstanding subject - or you an outstanding photographer!
Anyway, I love your photos!

charrette said...

No, that cannot be Reuben! He looks so grown up! I guess he really is ready to be a big brother.