Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ward Activity: Morningside Heights Style

Just in case you wondered what a ward (our church congregation) party looked like, here it is. Now, as Latter-day Saints, we don't drink but still our parties look like this.

Justin won the "Thriller" dance off, and has once again exposed his dance skills to the unsuspecting crowd. (Those of you from BYU Film will remember his surprising talent.) He got home later than expected so didn't have time to find an appropriate costume, he looked a little too 2009 revival of 80s fashion. (It also didn't help that I have no hairspray in the house.)

I was going on no nap, and kind of missed the boat on the whole 80s thing, being the oldest with parents who had no interest in it. But, it was great fun to see the enthusiasm, and wide variety of leggings. I did don some blue eye shadow, and side pony, but that was the extent of my character.

There was plastic jewelery and sunglasses, lace fingerless gloves, a friendship bracelet, Aqua Net and claw bangs, even men with eyeliner (okay, maybe "man"), and lots of belts.

I was thinking the whole night of how many wards I have been in where this kind of activity would have failed miserably, where in our ward it was a pretty great success.


Mindy said...

Someone else I know had a party like this and threw pics up on the internet too...and then, just like now, I thought, "Wow! Some of that is coming back!" So, I wonder how fashion recirculates. Seriously, the side pony tail?! It's back. Leggings? Back. Rolled or pinned jeans? Not yet and hopefully never. But really, your ward doesn't look TOO out of might just notice that if you move back to the midwest. you want to stay in fashionable NY now, don't you?!

Jamie Curtis said...

this was so fun...wasn't it? you guys are great. i'm glad i found your blog!

Tammy Lorna said...

Fun :)

Wish I'd seen Justin's Thriller.... it's always fabulous!

xo Tammy