Monday, March 16, 2009

Staycation Kick-Off

Welcome to Justin's Spring Break. Oh, and do we need one! Saturday he had an Elder's Quorum Presidency meeting, and when he came home I told him I wanted a hamburger, so he said, "let's go."

We went to the Shake Shack on 77th and Columbus. We had to wait in line for a while, but it wasn't as bad as the time we took Courtlin to the one in the Park. I love me a good hamburger, and it still is my favorite food. The unfortunate thing about having hamburgers be your favorite food is that they can go so wrong so quickly.

We took the bus home, and got off early because of the annual cycling race around Grant's Tomb. We played at the park for a while. Reuben was SO happy to have Daddy there, because Daddy will push him on the swing nonstop. Reuben would yell, "Super Dog going to hold Girl Dog's hand." That's how long it has been since Reuben had a good enough push to remind him of "Underdog" and that movie that we watched on Netflix watch instantly about 200 times.

We stopped and watched the race for a while, Reuben was more interested in the fact that he didn't have a bike, but a scooter.

When we got home I took a nap, and Justin cuddled with Reuben watching movies until they both fell asleep. I woke up just in time to wake them up so we could head down to a birthday party for one of our friends.

Sunday didn't count as one of our staycation days. It was a pretty hard day for me with a morning meeting (that was pleasant but early.) Teaching Sharing time (which went pretty well, with me only getting frustrated with the noise at the very end and the pregnancy brain bursting out and telling the adults they would have to be quiet or leave.) The chaos of changing a schedule on 30 children (there is no silver lining on that one.) And, having Reuben think its okay to run off when I can't chase him, and my pregnancy brain came out again when I yelled down the hallway to to my friendly husband telling him he needed to find our son instead of be friendly. I got a short nap, while Justin made a delicious dinner (the best part of the day) and we were off to choir, where I remembered that I haven't been singing and have lost my range. We got home and almost immediatly went to bed.

Today we have business to attend to, but this evening we are looking forward to dinner with friends. Hopefully we will make this week intersting enough to merit some posts.


Morgan said...

huh, i must have stepped out when you yelled at the adults to be quiet or leave. that's awesome! hope you have a fabulous staycation!!

Tammy Lorna said...

I'm so glad you're getting a little family holiday. Sometimes your mind and heart just really need to take a break from the normal routine.

I hope you have a fabulous week!

xo Tammy

charrette said...

LOVE the whole idea of Stay-cation! We have done that a few times, and they've turned out to be some of our best vacations ever!