Friday, February 6, 2009

The Mile and The Mount

Thing 1: The Mile

...if the delivery takes place at the hospital where we had the appointment today (which is most likely), our baby will be born on Museum Mile in New York City. I love this idea that our child upon nascence becomes a piece of living art and an indelible legacy for generations to cherish and admire...oh wait...isn't that true of every child born in any mile any where?
Indeed--but the actual fact of our little blob being delivered on THE mile is just something for me to geek out about.

Thing 2: The Mount
The hospital where the little one will make its first external public appearance is called Mount Sinai. When Moses first went to the Mount it was sort of a half-way meeting point for him and God. When children come into this world they are so close to the parting of the veil that it is almost as though mother, to meet child, must go half-way to meet God. Often childbirth requires women to come close to the edge of death in order to ensure that life is sustained for their little one--at times pass beyond it. Those moments where two (or sometimes more) human beings meet right at either side of the veil to carry forth God's work of eternal love and sacrifice through the pertpetual bonding of mother and child must deem that place holy. I know that this journey to that figurative mountain, or holy place, happens at any birth any where--but the fact that our little family can have that special moment in a place named after one of the most anciently sacred meeting places of God and His children causes a certain warmth in my heart.


Mindy said...

I wonder how the hospital would feel if everyone thought they were treading on sacred ground.

Tammy Lorna said...

It all sounds like it's definitely meant to be :)

xo Tammy

GAYLE said...

I haven't been on for a few days and I'm reading your posts backwards. I'm so excited for you!!!!! And I loved your thoughts about the Mount. I often look and my little granddaughter and wonder if she still remembers being with God just 6 weeks ago. Wouldn't it be wonderful if she could tell us about it?