Sunday, February 15, 2009

I {Heart} Valentines Day

We have been in desperate need of some family time. So, we had the best Valentines day possible. It started with me making my present for my valentines. Crepes with strawberries and cream, the picture I took did not work, we were too hungry to waste time taking a better picture. Then we played Karaoke Revolution (which we haven't played since we moved here). Daddy and Reuben played Wallace and Gromit and I took a nice relaxing bath. We had snacks for lunch, and spent some more family time together. Justin made his present, panini and fancy salad. Imagine avocado mashed up with ranch dressing spread on sour dough bread with smoked Gouda or pepper jack cheese, turkey, bacon and tomato. This is a favorite from my days of working at the Market Place Cafe. We also had raspberry-poppy seed dressing on our salad with cinnamon roasted pecans and Gouda cheese.

It was the perfect way to spend the day, no outside distractions, and nothing but the people we love the most.

We didn't do anything specific to Valentines day, which is the way I like it. It was just the perfect excuse to turn down distractions, and to make sure that we had a day to spend with each other. Justin will be overly busy (to the point were he might only sleep a couple hours this week.) We aren't looking forward to that, but hopefully our nice family day will carry us through the week.

I {heart} that Reuben rolls his eyes up into his head just like me.
I {heart} that Justin's idea of a special treat is a sandwich.
I {heart} a good excuse to keep my family with me instead of off doing other stuff.

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Marydee Moore said...

Okay, I am now a huge fan of your blog! I love the recipes you have posted and hope to try some of them soon. Reuben is such a cool kid!