Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I {Heart} Feb. 11

I {Heart} finding this photo. It isn't the 6th photo in the 6th folder, but it was so fun to run across it. Oh, that apartment with its washer and dryer and ward that we never really fit into.

I {Heart} watching Muppets from Space with Reuben. Soon he will be quoting it as much as I do.


The Jones :) said...

"...washer & dryer & ward that we never fit into..." Does that mean you guys tried to climb into the washer/dryer!?!?! LOL...just kidding...Reuben's eyes are so cute in that picture!! You're gonna have another little one!! YEAH!!!

Talyn said...

I'm sorry you never fit into the ward. It's probably because you weren't a fan of ward choir there. It was a nice apartment though. I really liked it.

Klous Family said...

Hahaha Becki is so funny!! I heart that you heart something everyday! It makes me happy for some reason! Guess to know there is someone so positive and happy in the world! Thanks Brecken! :)