Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Out on the ice

Justin, Reuben, and I went to the emergency room yesterday. We didn't have an emergency, other than really stupid insurance. The only way we would be covered is if we went to the emergency room, I felt real stupid until we got there and were the ONLY people there.

It was a good thing we went though, because we each had strep throat. I don't think I have had strep throat since middle school. Justin had a bacterial infection in his throat the weekend I met him, but it wasn't strep.

I was offered, and accepted the shot. Just so you know, they hurt as much as you remember them hurting, and yes, its a bum shot. Justin is allergic to penicillin so has a different kind, and Reuben gets to take that thick pink stuff three times a day for the rest of our stay here. We are all feeling better, and thankful that we could see a doctor (even if it was through the emergency room.)

Justin said that he could live here if he had too because the hospital was so nice.


Mindy said...

That's a pretty good remake of the artist's photos you saw too.

Lisa Brown said...

I have had that shot before, and I remember it feeling like they were shooting glue into my arm :). So not fun.

emilysuze said...

1) I'm glad you are all feeling better.

2) If I'm ever further away than a 50-mile (or some weird mileage) distance from a naval hospital, I can only go to an emergency room if I needed medical care. So I feel your pain. Thank goodness you guys were the only ones there though so you didn't have the stereotypical long wait! :)

The Jones :) said...

That's no fun to be sick on your vacation though...glad you're all feeling better...and that you were able to go to the Dr. Even if it was through the ER!!!