Thursday, January 22, 2009


Remember when we were young and it was cool to wear your clothing backwards, and you always tried too but you felt so stupid that you turned them right back around?

Reuben got himself dressed this morning, backwards, and I let him keep it that way. I figure he worked so hard to get those clothes on he deserved to show off his abilities.

After all he is potty trained. (he even sleeps in underwear with no issues.) If he wants to have the "big pockets" in the front of his pants I'm not going to argue.


Marsdinis said...

I totally remeber those days! Also wearing overalls with one side not done up-tres cool!:)

PS-love your previous post about getting hit by a spoon. We've dropped a few things out the window before-on accident, of course-never heard about an incident from the other side of the window!

charrette said...

So cute! You're a good mom not to need to micromanage his dressing exploits.

Klous Family said...

What a big boy being potty trained!! That's so great that he even stays dry all night!! Good job Reuben!! Haha I also remember those days of wearing clothes backwards...some people really seemed to pull it off! I was with you...felt too silly to actually go through with it!