Monday, December 1, 2008

We Were Green

Reuben invited me into our room to watch a movie. He sat me down in one of his favorite places to play, the little blue rug at the foot of our bed. That is the spot where we usually go to the store to buy animals to eat--the animals are his blocks in a shoe box from his new shoes. (PS-- We can't eat before we buy).

Well, we sat down, and he looked out the window at the now leafless trees in the park across the way. He stared for a while and I asked him what the movie was, he said it was called "We Were Green." He then told me it was a movie "about Mommy, Daddy, and Reuben; Brecken, Justin, and Reuben." He insisted he eat his orange wedges while watching. Reuben then proceeded to stare for a while longer.

I had a book with me that I was reading for school (about movies, of course), and he looks at me as I alternate between reading and watching and whispers "it's a quiet movie." He then told me it was done, and took some pictures of me with his Fisher Price binoculars ("say cheese!") and asked if I would do the same.

It was delightful. When he has a treatment ready to pitch for the sequel, I will let you know--we may need some generous investors for the project.


Rachel said...

I think "We Were Green" sounds like an excellent movie title!

Kevin said...

He's a budding movie producer!

Tammy Lorna said...

Oh I love it! Maybe he can be the 4the member of our company :)
Give him a hug from his aussie aunty :)

xo Tammy