Sunday, December 7, 2008

Reuben, and the other going-to-be-Sunbeams-in-January came to primary for singing time today. Since I am in the Primary presidency I was able to observe the whole thing.

I was shocked that it was such an emotional experience. I know those three year olds, and have an "aunt" feeling toward them, so it wasn't just Reuben I was reacting too.

They each sat in their chairs, they each listened to the instructions, they each reacted to the instructions, they each told me they were excited to go. I saw them grow up suddenly. G wasn't playing with trucks in the corner. R wasn't trying to climb on the table. J wasn't bring me book after book to read. They belong with the older kids, they fit in, and it made sense that they were there. And that made me happy, and scared.

How did Reuben get so old so fast? Am I ready to do deal with the challenges of this stage of development? Reuben's two's weren't too terrible... so I can hope that three will be better.


Lark said...

that is what I want to know. How did my B grow up so fast?

The Jones :) said...

Crazy to think he'll be 3 next month...he hasn't gotten big fast!! Good luck with the adjustment...and you're lucky the two's weren't too terrible...seems like Klous is changing and getting more terrible somedays...then other days he's just an angel...maybe it's me too?? Who knows...but then again maybe it's the changes with a new baby too?? Who knows?? Just seems like things are tough and at least your kid goes to nursery...he won't even walk in that door without screaming...AHHHH :) Sorry for my whining and venting...I just wanted to say HI and good luck!!
Love you :)