Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve New Mexico Style: Luminarias

All the boys went out to help Pappie set up the Luminarias.

Step one: Fold tops of bags open
Step two: Get some dirt
Step three: Put dirt in bags
Step four: Level ground
Step five: Place bag
Step six: Place candle in bag, nestled in dirt
Step seven: Wait until sundown


Courtlin said...

I am glad that Reuben is wearing his snow pants. They look that they are much needed there. That would be really fun to fill bags with dirt!

Courtlin said...

Nice new shoes Justin.

Talyn said...

I was going to write about the snowpants too. How the native New Mexicans don't have them on, but Reuben from "Midisoda" does.

Mick said...

Who is the boss of the snowpants?

breckster said...

Reuben was wearing snow pants because all of his three pair of pants were in the wash and grammie didn't want him to go out side in his underwear. I had a short sleeved shirt on and didn't get at all cold.

Tammy Lorna said...

We sort of do that at our house too.... we get plastic cups, fill them with a little water and put in a tea tree light. Then we line the driveway with them... they're really pretty :)

xo Tammy