Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Reuben's current favorite color is Yellow. He says it with passion, he points it out constantly, he begs for the yellow plastic ikea plate.

My favorite season is fall. Pulling out the sweaters and scarves, going for walks in the cool breeze, watching the leaves flutter to the ground, stew, and pumpkin cookies.

Justin and I went together to vote at 9 am, Reuben sat quietly in his stroller. There was only one person ahead of us, the machine was strangely archaic, and the location was a project-like apartment building. I am thankful for the right to vote. I am grateful to all those who fought to extend the right to vote to all citizens. I think it is important that we fulfill the responsibilities that that right entails. We need to educate ourselves on the candidates and issues. We need to form our opinions based on truth. And, I believe that we have to prioritize our issues based on what we can and cannot control for our families. While my parents wonder how I developed my political views, I think it is to their credit that I did not go vote blindly, flipping switches down a column just because of the party heading or first impressions. For the first time in my voting life I feel like I finally took full advantage of my right to vote. I was registered in time, and knew where I was registered. I was well-read and educated, I had questioned my opinion, I had prayed about my decision, and I feel no regret or guilt for the levers I turned.


sallysue said...

The pictures are quite lovely!
I hope someday to be that prepared. I was prepared, but not for every race.
And now, we wait.

Mindy said...

You have a little movie star on your hands don't you?
I voted and was educated about the issues. I owe a thanks to you for guiding me to the glassbooth site--extremely helpful. Then all I had to do was study up on our local candidates. I felt good voting. The cookies afterward were yummy too.

Klous Family said...

What a handsome little boy! He is getting so big! You take such beautiful pictures and your writing is wonderful! My favorite season is fall too but you make me love it even more with your beautiful writing! ...Walks in the cool breeze, leaves fluttering to the ground, sweaters and stew oh my! I love it!!
~Anna :)

Morgan said...

hey brecken! this is morgan. i found your blog through jamie's... hope that's ok. our blog is nateolsonfamily.blogspot.com. hope you don't mind if i add you to our links.

Tammy Lorna said...

Oh Rebuen's looking so beautiful! With that hair cut he's looking like a big grownup little man :) And I love the way you've captured the essence of 'fall'. I miss that beautiful season!

Glad you enjoyed voting - We have to vote here in Oz, but I take the right pretty seriously too.

xo Tammy