Tuesday, October 14, 2008

reality knocks

I'm watching that reality knocks show, and I have to admit that I would be horrible at it. Justin would be wonderful.

Justin worries about my genetic pre-disposition for Alzheimer's because I already can't remember most things, and have a very real reality that isn't actually reality.

And that is one of the reason I write a blog, so if someone knocks my door and asks me a bunch of trick questions I can go to the blog to find out if they were right or not.


Mindy said...

Shouldn't you attach a "you-tube" for those of us who don't know what you are talking about, or am I the only one?

Talyn said...

You're not alone.

charrette said...

Losing my mind is my one great fear. (I probably shouldn't say that, just to keep it from coming true.)

I already lose my car keys and forget important events. I cannot imagine living with Alzheimers.