Friday, October 17, 2008

Oh, Christmas in October!

When I was in 4th Grade I got a snowflake from a secret Santa. I loved that thing. I didn't pack it away with the Christmas stuff and kept it out all year.

So, I decided to see if I could make one. I borrowed a book with instructions on how to crochet, and found a pattern online. Ordered a hook, and some thread from eBay, and last night I tried while we watched Laura.

And I did it! That's the actual size. I need to block it, and stiffen it (time for a trip to Target to buy some Elmer's glue because I have no idea where to get liquid starch and won't pay for shipping.)

I can't wait to hang as many as I can make in our house! And will try some different patterns as I go.


Mindy said...

You can find liquid starch at Walmart

Lark said...

OK! you have inherited you grandma Cami's gift.

Kirstin said...

that is so cute. you are a yarn queen

Chare said...

Did you need a special hook to do this? What size did you use? I would love to make some of these, my Grandma used to have them in her house around the holidays, and I would love to add them to my collection of ornaments. Thanks for the great ideas!

Gayle said...

Those are so darling! Do you get a Christmas tree or go home for the holidays? A tree with those packed all over would be wonderful. Maybe you could just hang them this year without the starch and buy some liquid starch later. Or if it's not too heavy, we could send it. Do they let people send liquids?

P.S. Did you get your yarn from me? If you have too many projects going, it's not a big emergency. The baby is due mid January, but it will be good anytime.