Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lets go find that tuba!

We were having our nice relaxing Saturday morning when the sweet sounds of brass came wafting through the window. We quickly threw on some clothes and shoes and rushed out the door to find them. Reuben shouted repeatedly, "Lets go find that tuba!" We weren't the only people from our building with that idea, and there were even some girls sitting in the window (that was over the fire escape) on the 6th floor of our building.

We sat and watched for a while, then Reuben did some dancing, and followed that with some running around the park. Now, this is one thing that is pretty "New York" that I can manage to love. How many of you non-new yorkers have free concert invitations coming through your windows?

When they were packing up, Reuben walked up to them and said, "Thank you. I like the tuba." They were pretty impressed that they had a fan.


Talyn said...

Once when a brass section came to Riverview I had a very good question to ask them during the Q and A. "Do more girls or boys play brass instruments?" They told me that unfortunately the brass section was mostly male, but that I could probably fix that. I looked like a tuba player. I was offended.

Michael Moore said...

Smart kid :-)