Monday, October 20, 2008

Housing Update

There are two two-bedroom apartments IN OUR BUILDING, that we are in the running for. One is the Tate's old apartment, and one is the same apartment but on the 5th floor. Our lottery number is 12... we are hoping and praying, and asking for your prayers, that we get one of those apartments (preferably the Tate's old apartment because the rent is cheaper.) But either will do.

I have to be at the housing office at Noon tomorrow, and wait for them to call "number 12" and then find out if one of those two apartments is meant for us. (Oh, please let it be meant for us.)

If we get one of those two apartments, I promise to fellowship more, and to host playgroup more often, and I promise to not complain so much about New York, and I promise to stay in the city until Justin finishes his MFA.

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Courtlin said...

and moving won't be as awful if you just have to keep making trips up and down rather than across town.