Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the rewards of being a film student's wife

The last few weeks have been HIGH STRESS, and by high stress I mean Justin is wearing the stress in red patches on his face (he doesn't break-out, he gets a weird rash). He re-edited the sound on "Familiar Insults" so he could submit it to some festivals (its in the mail to one). And he had to be ready to show his latest film to the professors. (Which was today... I am waiting anxiously to find out how it went.)

So, while I miss my husband tremendously in these times of active film-making I have to admit that being the wife of a film student has its rewards... called we HAD to buy season one of Pushing Daisies so he can write a spec episode for it. We couldn't just netflix it because he has to have netflix for the crazy "American Independent Film" class he is taking. I have season one to remind me how much I love that show and get really excited for Season 2!

Honestly, can you think of a better school expense?


sallysue said...

We should be friends. :)

I LOVE Pushing Daisies, and was so saddened when the season ended early, but I guess that means more goodness for the coming season, no?

Thank goodness for nbc.com so I can keep up with that and Ugly Betty and Samantha Who, which I call my soaps, this tv-less time in my life.

Jessica said...

Excellent school expense. That show's awesome.

emilysuze said...

I'm so happy to know that I'm not the only one who adored Pushing Daisies last season. Hooray for having to watch Season One! :)