Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Courtlin!

My fellow blond and September sister told me once that I missed her whole life, but I remember the most of her life out of any of my sisters. Granted, she was only 12 when I left for college.

She used to wake me up and crawl into bed with me when mom and dad's room seemed too far away when she was scared.

While all of my sisters are nice, wonderful people--Courtlin is the one with the hyper sensitivity to others needs and feelings. She is so effected by others feelings that I often wish sad people would just stay away from her, but then they would miss out on her loving concern.

She and Tammy are to blame for Reuben's Friday the 13th birthday.

The best knock-knock joke I ever made up was with Courtlin.

"Knock, Knock"
"Whose there?"
"Sham who?"
"The big fat whale!"

She can't resist Reuben's requests. She's admitted to putting blush and mascara on him.

Happy Birthday Courtlin! We love you!


Mindy said...

I didn't realize that you were THAT much older than your youngest sister. Happy Birthday Courtlin! Your mom sure did do a good job with you kids (probably your dad too).

Courtlin said...

Thanks Brecken! You know I am your favorite.

Talyn said...

We all know it.