Friday, September 26, 2008

Excuse me, are you a professional?

We went out yesterday in the lovely over-cast light to take some pictures. The breeze was refreshing, the light was defused, and Justin had the morning off. While I was setting up the tripod, a woman who was at the park with her daughter came over to ask me if I was a professional. It would have been more of a complement had she seen some of the pictures I had taken instead of judging from my camera and tripod.

Do you catch yourself doing that? When you are out being a tourist to do you ask the person walking by with the nice camera to take a picture with yours? Its like assuming the kid with the most expensive basketball is the best player at the court.

Some of the trees are starting to yellow, but judging from last year we have at least a month before they really change. I was laying awake in bed last night listening to the rain. Listening to the rain in our apartment is actually the sound of the cars splashing through the puddles on the street, its not as romantic as it could be, but it is still nice. I think Reuben and I might do some baking today, and I'm going to open the windows a crack to let that fresh rain air in, and we will cuddle under a quilt and read Winnie the Pooh.


Lark said...

Nice pictures.

Email me the best copy of your family. I am ready to update.

Mindy said...

You MUST be a professional because those look SO good.

The Jones :) said...

You guys are so cute...I like the pictures!! I wanted to go somewhere this weekend and take some in the mountains...we'll see if it happens!! Love you and miss you!!
-Becki :)

New York Nelsons said...

great pictures! I think they look very professional!

charrette said...

Love all these photos. You look GORGEOUS in the second one!